Workforce Development Plan

Qualitas International works in developing areas around the world. We strive to continually improve the communities in which we operate through direct involvement with the community members. It is our commitment to provide job opportunities and to develop the local workforce by improving the capability and professional qualifications through the transfer of knowledge and technology.

We always strive to give our staff a long-term view on their career path as we strive to have long-term business relationships with our customers.

In 2004, Qualitas International participated in the construction of a 30 mmscfd refrigeration gas plant in Kazakhstan. We were subsequently awarded the commissioning, start-up and long-term operations & maintenance contract. Through a commitment to jobsite training and supervision, Qualitas gradually reduced the number of ex-patriot team members down to a single Canadian in 2007. As well, we continued to support scheduled maintenance of the plant by skilled trades on short-term contracts.

Qualitas’ core values are to continually reduce the dependencies that customers have on us and to provide training for Nationals. This example proves our commitment and we were in no manner disappointed to reduce our future revenue due to Nationalization of the project workforce.

Competency Development & Management (CDM)
Our training and mentoring program focuses on hands-on training but also includes classroom training. For both the practical and theoretical apprenticeship we will be utilizing senior expats who have experience as trainers and mentors.

Typically we have qualified Qualitas technicians working alongside with one or two National employees ensuring the knowledge can be transferred via hands-on work experience. 

Our classroom training method and instructional documentation are based on Alberta standards, as the majority of our personnel are SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) trained technicians.