Country Project Details
Kurdistan Commissioning and Start-up of a 10,000 BOPD Heavy Sour Crude Oil Production and Testing Facility with Road Tanker Loading .

This facility was originally installed by Qualitas in 2012 and had been shut down after few years of service.

Qualitas has been contracted by the new Owners to prepare the facility for production from new wells
Country Project Details
on going
Kazakhstan Start-up, commissioning and operations technical support for a 150 MMSCFD sour gas processing plant, c/w inlet compression, propane refrigeration, liquids extraction, LPG production, stabilized condensate production and sulphur recovery.
Qualitas currently provide the senior level plant operations management and technical personnel to this plant.

We have recently completed the major plant turn-around for this facility. The turnaround was managed by our staff and we also supplied the majority of the spare parts required.

Our tower specialists were on site to perform internal inspection and tray replacement.

Qualitas maintains an operations office in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Country Project Details
to 2012

From 2006 to 2012 Qualitas has been providing equipment and technical support, both in the Gabon office as well as on various production sites.
Projects included :

Installation, commissioning, start-up and technical support for two (Obangue East and Tsingue) 30,000 BOPD high wax content crude oil Central Processing Facilities. The plants included separators, dual fuel heaters, heat exchangers, water handling, transfer pumps and power generation.

Commissioning and start-up of the Tsiengue associated gas reinjection and dehydration facilities designed for 60 MMSCFD at 2000 psi injection pressure.

The principle language of the project at the field operations level was French.

We also provided construction supervision and project management services for the above projects.

Qualitas maintains an operations office in Port Gentil, Gabon.

Country Project Details
to 2010

Flare Gas Utilization Compressor Stations:

Start-up and Commissioning of 12 Qualitas supplied field stations, including separation, screw compression and dehydration facilities.

Continued operations and training support for 2 years.

Country Project Details
to 2007
Kazakhstan Start-up, commissioning and three years operations technical support for a 25 MMSCFD gas processing plant including LPG production and stabilized condensate production.
Country Project Details

Technical Training Program: Introduction to Gas Processing

Performed Services:

Five days on site, fully customized training program, for senior management and operations people to introduce the principals of natural gas processing, liquids fractionation (LPG and C5+), compression, and propane refrigeration systems.