Qualitas was a pioneer in the modular design concept of oil and gas processing. The modular concept is ideally suited for remote installations. The modules are then shipped to site where installation and commissioning can take place in the matter of weeks.

The benefits of a modularized facility are:

  • Rapid field deployment of the plant allows early production and therefore early cash flow.
  • Built to high quality Canadian standards.
  • Over 98% of the fabrication of the plant is done in a controlled shop environment rather than on site.
  • Process modules as well as interconnecting pipe racks are fully modular and easily transportable.
  • The high degree of modularization of the facility minimizes the time required for field installation.
  • Full testing is conducted in the shop prior to shipment to allow a rapid commissioning and start-up effort.
  • Additional process modules can easily be added in the future allowing the plant to adapt to changing reservoir conditions.
  • Allows the initial plant installation to grow into a large permanent facility.

The modular concept allows our customers to re-use the facility in other exploration areas.