Qualitas’ highly experienced personnel can operate our customers’ oil and gas production plants all over the world, whether it is equipment supplied by Qualitas or not.

We provide guidance for all aspects of plant operation and maintenance, and work with our clients in a fully integrated manner to ensure the minimization of the overall operations cost while achieving peak production performance.

Our vision for this activity is that it be a “technology transfer ” service. The initial plant operations involve a majority of Qualitas personnel, which would be reduced over time by training a complete complement of local/national operations and maintenance personnel. Qualitas' role would change to provide a supervisory/consulting service in case of plant problems.

Typical Operations and Maintenance Services include:

  • Daily production operation support
  • Preventative maintenance management and services
  • Repair of all equipment types
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting equipment and process problems
  • Process optimization
  • PSV tracking and maintenance program
  • Operation of all electrical equipment and calibration
  • Inventory management and supply of spare parts and operations materials
  • Training all operators with hands on experience
  • Continuous improvement through recording, reporting, cost tracking
  • Identification of beneficial upgrades/modifications and preparation of reports for approval
  • Daily production reports providing real-time information and allowing immediate adjustments of schedules on an ongoing basis
  • Managing plant safety program – co-ordinating safety meetings and training programs
  • Ensuring all safety systems are checked and certified on a regular maintenance schedule