Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions

Qualitas provides modularized and pre-fabricated oil and gas facilities. Our equipment is built in specialized and certified fabrication shops. We then assemble and test the facility in Canada and break the package down to modules for shipping it to site.

With our pre-fabrication approach field construction is minimized and the equipment is ready for commissioning and start-up in a matter of weeks.

We offer the management of the field construction and long-term operations and maintenance.

Qualitas proposes its standardized equipment for early production applications to help operators bring their new discoveries on stream fast, creating early cash flow while providing real-time production data that help appraise the reservoir performance.

Further, our modularized and dynamic solution allows for almost any layout configuration, including trucking and pipeline export options. By adding or subtracting trains our equipment easily adapts to reservoir changes over time and allows for easy relocation to other sites.