Equipment Projects

20,000 BOPD  Sour Crude Oil Production Facility
20,000 BOPD Sour Crude Oil Production Facility

Prefabricated, modular design built in two parallel trains consisting of:
Two shell and tube heat exchangers 7 mmbtu/hr each
Two separators 96 inch OD x 40 feet S/S
Two direct-fired heaters 22 mmbtu/hr each
One crude oil sweetening tower 118 inch ID x 72 inch ID 76 feet S/S
450 HP sour gas two stage compressor
Amine sweetening system 36 inch OD by 50 feet S/S with 8 mmbtu/hr amine reboiler
Two crude oil storage tanks 50,000 bbl each
Truck loading station suitable for 4 trucks (simultaneous loading)
Power generation
Nitrogen System
Chemical injection facility
Flare system
Instrument air system
Fire water system
Pig receiving and sending equipment
MCC and Electrical distribution system